MOVE Summit #4

A dynamic gathering of church planters, pioneer partners, and national leaders for the purpose of accelerating the planting of strong, healthy churches throughout this part of the world.


Church planters are expected to arrive prepared to share the vision and strategic plan of the church plant in the target city. Church planters and team members who are in the process of planting in the past two years, presently planting, or ready to launch a new plant are welcome. (As space allows, those with a call to be part of a church plant in the near future are welcome to participate.) Church planters will receive valuable tools, encouragement, affirmation and empowerment to accelerate their vision.


Pioneer partners are expected to arrive prepared to share their burden to see the kingdom of God advanced through church planting. Those individuals and churches open to partnering with church planters and national church planting movements through intercession, financial support, and/or spiritual impartation are welcome to participate. Partners will receive the opportunity to connect with, spiritual impart into, resource, and empower church planters and church planting initiatives in this part of the world.


National church leaders are expected to arrive prepared to share the rudimentary strategy they have developed with their national leadership teams for initiating, affirming and resourcing church planting efforts within their respective countries. National leaders will receive spiritual insight and practical input through dialogue with other leaders towards clarifying and sharpening their national church planting vision. A Regional Bishop’s meeting will also be held during the Summit, which will include synergizing national church planting strategy and resourcing with a common Regional strategic plan.


To be announced.

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