Trajce Ajrovski – Prilep, Macedonia

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Pastor Trajce was raised in an Islamic family in the heart of a quarter of Prilep that is nearly 100% Muslim. Yet through the witness of friends, he came to Christ and was called by God to preach the Gospel to his own people. In faithfulness to his faith and calling, Trajce has planted a church in the very heart of the Muslim quarter with over 35,000 residents. This is the only church of any kind in the center of this quarter which is filled with mosques.

Despite opposition, including a death threat from his own brother who is a Muslim cleric, the Church of God in Prilep, Macedonia is a vibrant, growing congregation. They have competed the project to purchase the land, and are now preparing the plan to build the first Church of God in Prilep. Pastor Trajce currently also serves as the national Overseer of the Church of God in Macedonia.


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